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Human Endeavour Associates is a niche consulting firm dedicated to fostering human potential in various settings – individual, small groups, communities and corporate organizations. Towards this end, the firm offers specialised, insightful and state-of art advisory services and facilitation in the following areas:

  • Family Business Development
  • Expert facilitation
  • Mentoring and Executive Coaching
  • Building organisation for growth and renewal

We work in a partnership mode with clients, in a spirit of co- creation. We do not solicit business and prefer to keep a low profile. Clients easily find us, through referrals and word of mouth.

Family business contribute to a major proportion of the GDP of their countries – this is true worldwide. They also outperform non- family businesses almost by a factor of two, on most parameters. What makes this possible are various positive factors :
  • Their long term view
  • Reinvestment of surplus for expansion
  • Calculated risk taking
  • Entrepreneurial approach
  • Conservative financing and frugality
  • Agility and speed of decisions
  • Non conventional responses
  • Customer focus
  • Employee engagement and loyalty
Family businesses, however, suffer from ‘ premature mortality’ – very few businesses last more than three generations – this is a loss to the nation, family and society at large. Some reasons for this are :
  • The complexity of family dynamics, where the capitalistic system of the business runs alongside the social needs of the family.
  • Unplanned transition in ownership and business
  • Differences within the family
  • Indifferent communication
  • Poor anticipation of family and business pressures
  • Mismatch of next generation expectations
  • Absence of participation amongst family members
  • Low professionalisation

This does not have to be so. Research of family business since the 1980 ‘s has provided a body of knowledge to mitigate the risks in family business. Once these risks are mitigated, families bring forth strength of their values, trust, team work, tradition, renewed relationships, entrepreneurship and a deep sense of philanthropy, to create momentum and lasting economic and social value.

Robust family values and relationships makes for sound family governance, which in turn fosters strong corporate governance for continuity. Trusteeship, Transition and Transfer occurs concurrently.

Family Business Advisors are in an unique and independent position to partner with committed members of family business to cohere, collaborate and co- create a business family that grows from generation to generation.

Human Endeavour

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Human Endeavour

Human Endeavour

Our Services human endeavour

Family Business Development

Family Business Development attends to Business Families and provides process consultation .

Human Endeavour

Mentoring and Executive Coaching

We provide Business Mentoring of CEO’s and top leadership talent on a one-to-one format.

Human Endeavour

Human Endeavour

Process Consultation And Facilitation

Building consensus and alignment across the organisation, managing differences and improving cooperation.

Human Endeavour

Strategic Organisation Development And Change (SODC)

Building organisation for growth and renewal.

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